5 ways to make games and earn Money

5 ways to make games and earn Money

If you seriously have an interest in making games and earn money, read the following article. In this article, I explained  5 ways to develop games and earn money

 1.Unreal Engine 

This is one of the best engines ever. because it gives you realistic graphics compare to Unity. Many companies use these Engine for making heavy graphical games, in my opinion, it's a really the best option for advanced game developers because as a beginner is a little bit tough to understand.i have compared and made an article about Unity and Unreal engine which one to choose?? Unity vs Unreal engine. The unreal engine gives you the option to develop games using blueprint if you're not good at coding then you can makes games using blueprints.

The unreal engine supports many platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, android, ios, even it supports for VR. For the new Beginner, there are other Engines. It's best for developing high graphic 3d games..


Many people who are a beginner to game development they choose unity only because it's very easy to understand and learn. You can create both 2d and 3d games with unity. Many indie developers choose unity for game development because it gives you excellent functionality and high-quality content games.many games like temple run, escape from Tarkov, Ori and the Blind Forest, Waste Land2 etc(List of games made using Unity)are developed using unity only. many people prefer 2d games to develop in Unity,3d games in Unreal engine.c#, javascript, boo languages are used to develop games in unity

It can be used to make games on any platform like android, ios, PlayStation, etc. Unity is free for Community Edition but if you want to develop apps and deploy into play store or app store you must buy the professional edition   

3.GameMaker Studio 

if you want to develop a purely noncoded game you can choose Gamemaker studio, there are no coding skills required to develop apps using these engine.user can point and click to create games, using this engine you can develop games much easily.it has become popular as there is no necessary code the games like unity and unreal engine. But professional game makers always choose unity or unreal engine for developing games.

Many games like 10 Second Ninja X, 12 Is Better than 6, Alone with you etc recently developed games.it supports platforms like Ubuntu, windows, android, ios, PlayStation, VR etc

4. App Gamekit

it mainly focuses on coding only.it is mostly used by indie developers.you can create both 2d and 3d games using these engine. its support platforms like windows, ios, android, Linux, Rasberry pi, etc.
its uses c++ languages and unreal engines use c++ language to develop the games  


Godot provides a huge set of common tools, so you just focus on making your game without reinviting the wheel. Godot is completely free and open-source under the very permissive MIT license. Godot also uses c++ to develop the games.its supports platforms like blackberry 5,HTML 5,
PlayStation 3, Vita and it does not support android and ios platforms. the graphics engine uses OpenGL ES 3.0[13] for all supported platforms; otherwise, OpenGL ES 2.0 is used . Future support for Vulkan is also panned

In my opinion Choosing unity is the best option for beginners.as a beginner you must concentrate on mini 2d games not directly going into 3d games. After getting perfection at developing 2d games you can continue with Unity or you can choose Unreal engine

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