Skills required to get job in Google

 The following are the tips to get a job at Google. These are the compulsory things to get into google


 1.Coding Skills

You must be master at only one language that is can learn java or python, c  that's your wish if you're perfect in any language you should be able to solve any problem that is given. structures

Many people don't prepare for data google interview and written test questions related to data structures will be asked. it's compulsory to learn some topics like a linked list, graph, and trees, hashing. mainly question related graph and trees will be asked

3. Algorithms

You must idea how to write algorithms for data structures. time complexity, linear search, binary search, merge sort, quick sort are some of the important algorithms that will be asked in a google interview. So it's a very important thing to master the data structures and algorithms for getting a job in Google 


For example, a Student developed 10 iOS apps and he developed few games with unity.though he is not good at data structures and algorithms but he will be given the job. the interviewed person gets supprised by looking at your projects. So this is main part doing projects.if you're projects related to AI and machine learning, data science and you're perfect at data structures and algorithms your job is guaranteed. you should make projects like developing mobile games, developing android apps it is one extra thing added to your profile.

5.Speaking Skills 

there is round that person should speak before the professor. they will give instantly one topic you must speak 2-5 minutes related to that topic. It's like jam.your English should be fluent and By listening to your speech the Interview person should feel pretty Impressed.


If you have done a summer internship at google on android development or any other course. they would give more priority for people who have done an internship in google. you must submit a summer internship certificate for the is an extra thing added to your resume.


Suppose you have worked for 5 years in Microsoft and you want to change to google company then you have a higher chance of getting a job if you have the above-mentioned skills.An Experienced person will be given more preference.


Not but the least it is very important and keep In your mind.many people miss their job even though they have talent is they don't maintain a good resume. Your resume should look very good. your experience and projects, whether you have worked as an internship or not these should be mentioned in Resume.

By following above Rules you will have greater chance of getting a job at google

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