5 ways to make android apps and make money


In this article, I am going to explain how to make android apps using coding But you can also make apps without coding using appgeyser, buildfire. But the thing is these apps are never ranked in play store and you get fewer downloads and you earn only little money using your app. These are the main disadvantages of developing apps without coding.so lets how can you develop apps using coding.



1.Android studio using Kotlin
Nowadays many people are preferring Kotlin for app devolpment.many companies are also offering high salaries for Kotlin developer. with the help of Kotlin, you can make native apps .it's one of the best methods to learn Kotlin and start your career as an android developer. But going in these takes a long time,in a short time if you want to develop apps you can choose flutter.

2. Android studio Using Java

As all, you except many of them changed from java to Kotlin for Android development.Because java is little complex and you need to write a lot of code for developing the Android app But Kotlin is easy as compared to java.as a beginner many of them choose java and start developing apps and then they change to Kotlin, its all depend on you.

 3.React native

Its easier way to develop both android and iOS apps. these framework converts react components to native components. You can learn easily as compared to java and Kotlin. But when you come to job selection they would select native app developers only.
You cannot create a complex app using reactive native.for material design, it's one of the best frameworks for devolping apps.these framework developed by Facebook is 2013 and before starting making apps you must know JavaScript and react. Those who are web developer they can choose React native


It's also a very easier way to make apps .you must learn dart and start flutter. with flutter you can develop both iOS and Android apps.if you compare react native and flutter. I would say react native because flutter has released recently.many programmers do not prefer to learn new language and start flutter it's a bit complex but many of them know JavaScript so they move towards React native only. React native is more user-friendly compare to React-native. But if you're new to coding and you want to  develop apps you can choose flutter because it is an easy way to develop apps, you get perfection within 2-3 months.



Ionic uses frontend technologies like angular js, javascript,css, Html for application development where you can develop hybrid apps. people who work on web development can go for react-native or ionic.You can create awesome UI elements in ionic easily, but the main disadvantage of ionic is that you cannot make native apps .user cannot feel comfortable with hybrid apps.ionic uses cordava plugins for the camera, GPS and many others.

Finally, I would like to say if your permanent dream is to become an android developer I would suggest you learn Kotlin and start an android studio.But you're having temporarily make apps and start making money I would suggest you learn flutter .it's very easy to learn.
Not only these 5 ways to make android apps but these are the most popular frameworks for developing android apps

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