Top 5 laptops for gamers Under 50k-60k

If you're looking to buy which laptops under 50,000-60,000 read the following article. I explained the pros and cons of each laptop clearly. The following laptops are meant not only for gaming but also for programming lovers.


This laptop comes with i5 8th gen 1tb and 128gb SSD with good configuration let's discuss

this laptop is very good for gamers as it comes with a 4gb graphics card .you can play games in high graphic also comes with 128gb SSD so windows bootup is very speed and programs installed in SSD open very fastly. the display is very superb for watching movies or games. audio quality is okk let's go to the cons section. But build quality of this laptop is very superb 
battery backup for this laptop is very low. You get an only 1-hour battery backup for playing games and 2 hrs for browsing. Another thing the laptop gets heated when you play more than 1 hour and also fan speed sound is also very high it disturbs during gaming time. other than these it's good for gaming.

You can buy from here-Acer Predator


4.MSI GF Core Gf63 

This is also good for gamers as it comes with i5 9th gen 1tb HDD and  4gb Nvidia graphic card with good configuration let's start pros section 
The CPU is very fast and you can play gaming in this laptop very smoothly without any lag these laptops comes in the mid-range 50,000 INR in big billion days. picture quality is very good and audio is also good and it comes with the backlit keyboard is very good and the trackpad is very nice and build quality is superb. 
As there is no SSD application takes a bit longer to open and you do not great battery backup .you get 2 hrs battery backup during playing and there is also heating issue with a laptop if u play heavy games like GTA V. It is a great laptop for gaming you can buy from the following link- 
MSI GF Core Gf63

3.Acer Aspire5


It comes with 2TB, 512gb SSD which is a really good laptop boot up less than 5secs only. this laptop can be used for Android studio and unity for game making and these laptop comes with decent 2gb mx250  GeForce graphic card which is good for lite gaming u can play Pubg in medium graphics and gta5 in low per video editing also it's very good u can run smoothly without if your budget is low you can buy this laptop. its gives 3-4 hrs battery backup if your using an android studio or playing games but if your it for only browsing it gives 6-7 hrs .battery performance is just superb.....let's go to cons sections


If Ur buying this laptop for just watching movies or for Netflix don't buy it. As display not good as you expect and there is no backlit keyboard for laptop, It is not good for night time Usage. The keyboard and trackpad are average not so good...And u can use only 442gb memory remaining memory for system files and apps and software can buy from the following link- Acer Aspire 5

This is one of best laptop under 50k-60k .it's just superb I would suggest this laptop if your budget is low, let's go-to pros section


this laptop comes with Ryzen 5 processor.its a good processor for gaming 
It also comes with 256gb SSD so the Applications can open fastly and it takes only 5 sec to boot up. It comes with a 4gb graphic card it's very good. Build quality is superb. The IPS display is very good. audio quality is awesome.


its weight is little higher when compared to other gaming laptops. when performance aspect is taken Ryzen processor is not as powerful as intel can use this laptop for gaming and can buy from the following link- Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Quadcore

1.Acer Nitro 5 ANSI 515

This is one of the best laptops I have ever seen because you're getting a very high configuration laptop under comes with Intel 8th gen 1 TB +256gb and 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti Graphics. Now let's go to the Pros section
I personally bought this laptop for gaming and programming. its perfect laptop for gamers who want to play games at high graphics. these laptops support extreme high graphics as it comes with GTX 1050Ti. There is no lag while playing the games. I also use unity for developing games on this laptop only. The IPS display is superb and Audio quality also very good. it comes with a backlit keyboard
Finally, its build quality is very good. Windows boot-up time is very fast(2-3 sec)


As you know for every laptop there are pros and cons and let's discuss the cons.its bit heavier and battery backup is less, as it gives up to 2 hours during playing. during browsing, it gives 3-4 hours. There are heating issues. I will suggest you buy this laptop,youre getting a high configurational laptop with a low budget. You can buy this laptop from the following link- Acer Nitro 5 ANSI 515



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