Review of Acer aspire5s A515-54G

I have done research nearly 3-4 months and known about every specification of the laptop. This laptop is  very good for mid-range people its nearly 40,000 in BBD in Flipkart  read below article know about pros and cons of this laptop so let's start our topic

If your budget is low I would prefer you to go for this laptop as it comes with i5 8th gen/8GB Ram/2TB HDD+512 SSD/win 10/2 GB MX250 Graphics

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 It  Contains 512gb SSD and 2TB HDD which is really good laptops boots up less than 5sec only. this laptop can be used for Android studio for app development and unity for game making and these laptop comes with decent 2gb mx250  graphic card which is good for lite can play Pubg in medium graphics and gta5 in low per video editing also it's good. You can run smoothly without any if your budget is low you can buy this laptop without any doubt.
Performance-Its gives 3-4 hrs battery backup if you're using for android studio or for gaming. But if your using it for only browsing it gives 6-7 hrs .battery performance is just superb. you can open any application quickly as it comes with 512 gives premium look, as the color of laptop is sliver.this is the perfect laptop for programming and editing can any IDE without any lag. You can also play lite gaming with this laptop and I did not notice any heating issues with this laptop. let's go to cons sections


As you know for every laptop there are pros and cons and let's discuss the cons. If you are buying this laptop for just watching movies or for watching Netflix, don't buy it because the display is not good as you expect and there is no blacklit keyboard for laptop is good for night time Usage. The keyboard and trackpad are average not so good, I read many reviews, they complained the screen is yellowish, Buti did not find any yellowish screen. and you can use only 442gb SSD memory  remaining memory for system files and apps and software pre-installed

 Final Words-

This laptop is perfect for programmers and you can play games in medium or low graphics mode, for gaming, I suggest buying this laptop only if you have a low budget and if you high budget(50k-60k) you can read this article Top 5 laptops Under 50K 

You can buy using below link .it's available in Amazon- Acer aspire5s A515-54G

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