Prerequisites to learn Android Studio


If your aim is to make apps and don't  know where to start, this article is going to explain prerequisites for making apps.let's dive into the topic



Very First thing is to get perfection at Java language or Kotlin then 50% of your aim is completed. In this article, I am going to cover only Prerequisites for learning java and Android studio and I am not going to talk about Kotlin language because I haven't learnt Kotlin for developing apps

Before making apps you must get perfection at java language.following are the topics you must concentrate 
4.anonymous classes
4.abstract class and few concepts like creating an anonymous object, generic classes, inner classes etc.these topics very essential to start developing apps. In an android studio everything we write in anonymous classes like passing parameters to the method.

If you want to store data in server access over the internet you have to learn
the basics of Firebase.which is free service provided by get only 100 max connections,10 GB data transfer,1 GB storage as a free plan. you must pay $5 per GB stored and $1 per GB downloaded which is quite high.

If you are already a web developer you must have idea about PHP and can create app that uses internet with PHP and MySQL which is very good idea .you can take hosting plan for one year  in hostinger or GoDaddy which is very cheap it's cost only 15-20$ and you get lots of storage which is very sufficient for your app. But you must have an idea of PHP and MySQL programming.

Nowadays many apps are made with SQLite which is a very good option.

In my opinion, developing apps using PHP
and MySQL is a very good idea. you must also have some idea of JSON data, Rest API, web service which helps you to develop weather the android studio, you use different APIs like machine learning, open cv for image recognition and also google maps, you must have some idea of it.

Try to create new ap with different features,for example, if you're developing a chatting app you add some extra features like making chatbot or using image recognition feature in your app.try to use some ai features in your can add additional features into your app using API. No need to learn AI or Machine learning for making like this app.there are many APIs are can use them in this way, your app gets more  Downloads.

Another main thing is that you should market your app.there are many sources for marketing your app like giving ads on google and youtube.

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