How to Make Website Using Programming

Getting Started With Developing Website

If your dream is to become a web developer and don't know where to start don't worry. In this article, I am going to explain how to start to make websites

If your aim is to make websites firstly you must have little idea of how browser and server do communicate etc and how data is transmitted over the firstly start reading only the basics of computer networks.

Secondly, you must learn HTML and CSS because HTML is a basic language that is understood by browser .all All code related to website how functionality and appearance of the webpage to work is written inside the HTML tag only. all the instructions are given in the form of tags to the browser. So it is very necessary to learn HTML, whereas CSS brings a beautiful look to the website.css consists of many styles which gives an awesome look to the website 

JavaScript is a very important thing because with the help of CSS and HTML you can create only static webpages whereas JavaScript brings dynamic functionality to the website and also users cannot interact with static webpages but if a page made with javascript user can interact with it. Generally, JavaScript is used in  login and signup pages, etc

PHP is a fast and feature-rich open-source scripting language used to develop web Applications or Intranet Applications. whereas Mysql is a powerful open-source database server built based on relational database management system(RDMS) and it is capable of handling large concurrent database connection
In order for the browser to interact with the server and store all the data over the internet, it's very necessary to learn PHP and MySQL because with help of  MySQL, you can store the data using MySQL queries.PHP is intermediate between browser and MySQL.

All the data which comes from the browser through post or get method, are accessed through post or get array and are stored into the database using PHP. it is also used for checking user input or sanitize methods on server-side.there are so many ways to develop the websites,Majority of people follow these way to develop their websites.Instead of learning javascript,html and css,You can learn python and start developing websites with django framework.

Here is the Famous Website to learn web development
  1. 1.W3Schools-Here you can learn everything about web Development it's the very perfect website for beginners  who want to become as a web developer. There are many examples and Practice  exercises which make you Very Perfect

Here are Few more websites to Refer


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