Python VS JavaScript

In this article, I will tell you the advantages of python and JavaScript



Python is higher-level is best and easier to learn.if your dream is to settle in field of AI or Machine learning or data science python is the best option for you.python based web development  framework are Django, TurboGear which are easier to learn.instead of going for Html, CSS, JavaScript.django is the best alternative because both front-end is written in python you need to learn SQL for back-end programming. python based game development frameworks are is can create 2d games.with the help of python we can't build native apps but we can build web apps with the Django framework. Many programmers learn python for ai, statistics or deep learning, there are other alternative languages like R, MATLAB instead of going for python in AI.python consists of many packages like tinker for building windows based graphical user interface applications and Numpy, Scipy is used for Mathematics and engineering.with the help of python you can write hacking scripts like reverse shells, ARP poisoning, etc.for aspiring data scientists, Python is probably the most important language to learn because of its rich ecosystem,python major advantage is its breadth. for example, R can run machine learning algorithms on a preprocessed dataset, but python is much better at processing the data


In the world of web development JavaScript plays important role. JavaScript brings a dynamic look to the website whereas HTML and CSS can give an only static look, users cannot interact with the website. if your a web developer choosing  JavaScript is the best option because it comes with many frameworks like Angular, React, React native. You can build native apps with JavaScript using React can also build web apps with an ionic framework.there are many game engines like Unity, Phaser, Crafty where you can develop both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional games.javascript based Machine learning frameworks are TensorFlow, which is the best framework. with react native you can build both android and iOS native apps instead of learning separately android development using java, xcode using's very good language for developing both games and native apps.javascript used in web penetration testing where you can find bugs in a website


If you're going for web development, game development, app development you can choose JavaScript is the option. But for Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics, data science, deep learning Python is the best option.

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