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In this tutorial, I am going to explain about top best android books to become a good android developer

In my opinion, a good book means

1. easy to understand so that noobie or a new person who doesn't anything about android development can easily understand android development.

2. the book you want to buy should cover all the contents so that you don't need to refer other books

3. that book should consist of many examples so that person who is reading that can read without irritating

Now you have understood my point of view for buying a good book for android development. The following are the good books for android development. before learning android you must have some knowledge of java. the books which I mentioned are already read by me. Books that are mentioned here are all related to java android development but not kotlin. I will say about books in android development in Kotlin in a later section.

I have positioned the books according to the numbers

 1. Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide

this book is my favorite one because the author Dawn Griffiths explained very well. a very beginner who doesn't know android development at all can prefer this book, people who don't know anything about java language and you brought this book then it is a waste of time. this book is written in easy words it can be understood by any people who read these books.topics covered in this book are listviews, recycler view, navigational drawer, action bar, fragments, audio, and video player, how to use google maps API, card view, grid-layout. The author tried to explain in an easy way all these topics. but this doesn't go in deeper in android development like using JSON fetching, retrofit library. the author tried to explain with the project so that all topics are can try this book without any doubt. Buy Now. 

2. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

The author of this book is Bill Philips who is a famous developer who published books related to android development and ios development, web development. this book is a very good book for intermediate students in android development because words and terminology used in this book are a bit typical to understand for new beginners who are planning to develop apps. By the way, all the topics covered in this book, from beginning level to pure advance level. after reading head first android development you can read this book for an advanced android developer. the author took a small project like developing notepad application and explained many concepts like recycler view, SQL database, navigational drawer, intents, services, and Broadcast Receivers, etc. he has covered each and every topic in android development. finally, this book is perfect for intermediate and advance android developers. you must try this book compulsorily as almost every topic covered Buy Now

3Android Programming for Beginners - Second Edition

The author who wrote this book is John Horton.the author explained java and the basics of android development very well in this book. the person who doesn't anything about java and willing to develop an android app can choose this book. this book is made from scratch and there are no prerequisites before reading this book. But topics covered related to android development are very few like listview, SQLite database, google maps API, a little introduction to fragments nothing else. but for a beginner who does not know java and get started with android development they can choose this book. the author explains both java and android development at a time. you can Buy Now

The author of this book is Zigurd Mednieks and Blake Meike. Mainly this divided into four-parts
part one helps programmers with some java and few android programming basics and 
part two focus on SQLite databases, graphics class hierarchies, and some types of widgets
and how the most important parts of android application work
part three section focuses on how to use API's in android and some stuff like how to use  fragments, recycler views, etc concepts in android
part four this section is for the advanced user how are good at basics and want to do the network-based application. this book is very for beginners author takes from basic to advance level like making networking can  Buy Now

5Hello Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform, Fourth Edition

The author of this book is  Ed Burnette has 30 years of experience in the programming field.
This book covers the basics of android programming like how to use android-fragments, google play services This book covers  Android versions from 4.1 to 5.1, but currently, android 10 is running, so all topics which are not present in 4.1 to 5.1 android versions are not covered but for a beginner, it is very useful. this book consists of only fewer topics like using listviews, fragments, google play services, action bars, etc. you can check out this book  Buy Now

This book is purely project-based, this is a book that you will come back to time and time again , with its many tips and tricks on rich features of Android Pie, it covers all google related API's like how to use maps, speech recognization, etc . this is a resource you will
want to keep on your desk as a quick reference to help you solve new problems as you tackle more challenging projects. this is a great book for making android can check out this book Buy Now

Finally, I want to say a few words for some people they like reading books but others like to watch youtube or udemy videos, for those kinds of people you can refer google: Associative Android Development which is present in plural sight and googles android developer course in Udacity.this two courses are very good and there will be three phases like beginner, intermediate, advance in this two courses.

I hope you like this tutorial, keep sharing and support me. Happy learning, Bye Bye !...

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