This Blog was started in 2019. This blog explains how to earn money by learning programming languages, and also explains how to develop Android apps and games. My name is Rudra Guruteja who has created this blog.
                           I try to develop the blog as fast as possible I can do. Currently, I am studying Btech in the CSE department. I love coding and also love developing android apps and games. I am also a good penetration tester, I also posted Bug Bounty tutorials on this blog. To help people who are new to programming  I have started these blog.I really love writing articles. I did not use any technical terms throughout this blog so that anybody can understand

you can contact me if you have any doubts I will clarify all your doubts related to programming. if you're stuck with what programming language to learn or what I have to choose whether game or  app development or web development as my career, you can contact me


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